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Looking to empower or be empowered? Apply now to become a mentor or mentee! 

How do we define an FGS mentor and mentee? 


FGS Mentor:

A Fairy Godsister, or an experienced female leader or professional woman who can provide guidance for a younger woman’s personal growth and career development. Mentors will support mentees with the sensitivity, wisdom, and earnest investment of an older sister. A Fairy Godsister is compassionate, extraordinary, motivational, inspirational, and smart—she is a teacher, a student, a visionary who is committed to supporting the mentee on an ongoing basis through one-on-one meetings and weekly communication by email and telephone.


FGS Mentee:

A young woman or young professional interested in developing an ongoing relationship with a more experienced female leader who will guide her in developing a strong sense of self-esteem and who will support her emotional, professional, and academic growth. An FGS mentee is innovative, aspirational, and revolutionary—she is a teacher, a student, and a visionary who is ready to challenge and be challenged in order to grow and enact positive change in the world around her. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required for mentee applicants in high school and college.

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