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We find mentors for the girls and women you serve


The Fairy Godsister (FGS) partners with companies and organizations that provide social, educational, and/or career services to girls and women. We understand that not all nonprofit organizations have the resources to coordinate mentorship programs, and not all companies have the time to give to this endeavor while also providing important and critical services to their clients. FGS steps in to supplement your vision by providing a mentoring service that pairs high achieving mentors with those you serve.


In addition, FGS provides ongoing support for mentors, sponsors events that empower women, encourages networking, and provides resources to strengthen the bond between mentors and their mentees. 

How do we do it?

FGS provides meaningful mentoring relationships by using a rigorous vetting process. Mentors are invited to interview with FGS after careful review of applications to better assess character, goals, and interests. Chosen mentors undergo a background check. Once we have a profile for a mentor, she is paired with a mentee based on relevant experience, and significant commonalities. We do not use algorithms, each match is tailored and given diligent attention.

Partnering with us is easy...

For more information on how you can become an FGS partner, please contact us

Together we can change lives.

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